Audi FIS Womens Ski World Cup Lenzerheide

Facts & Figures

A major event always brings with it interesting and sometimes gigantic figures. For example, did you know how many goal poles were provided for the World Cup final? Or how many cameras were positioned on the downhill course to broadcast the races into the living room? We'll tell you.

Facts & Figures Audi FIS Ski World Cup Lenzerheide

Snow cannons 30
Number of litres of water for snowmaking 130000 litres
Number of cubic metres of snow for the entire slope 260000 m3
Number of cubic metres of snow for the jump 12000 m3
Maximum gradient of the slope 70%
Poles approx. 680
Rigid rods (attachment of cables, airfances, etc.) approx. 320
Length B nets 11250m
Number of B nets 720
Length A nets 250m
Machine hours snow groomers 850 hours
Number of women's races 4
Number of men's races 4
Number of mixed races 1
Start numbers 913
Supervisors/Athletes/Service People 746
Previous races in Lenzerheide (total) 55
Installed TV cables 16km
TV cameras in operation (downhill) 25
Journalists Print on site 12
Journalists Online media on site 6
Journalists Radio on site 12
Journalists Television on site 73
Photographers on site 16
Published Print Articles 545
Published online articles 11761
Volunteers 324
Armed forces personnel in service 100
Civil defence volunteers in service 30
Medical masks approx. 9000
FFP2 masks 1500
Disinfectant 300 litres
Corona tests in the context of the Ski World Cup 2230